You Need Quality Security Doors And We Have It But Not Only That. We Have a Deal For You.

The Security Doors Deal?

Yes, we have a deal for you. A deal to make it easy for individuals, companies, and contractors to buy and pay in installments for any of our modern security doors for your house and office projects. 

Security doors supplier in Ghana

Whether you’re building a new house or updating an older one, one key thing you need is a door. Doors are your initial line of defense against threats, whether that be direct or indirect. Since its primary purpose is to control access to your home or business premises, you have to select the best types of doors that meet your criteria and quality standards.

We really want to help get security doors for you home or offices

Would you wait until you finish building the house before you buy the doors at an increased price? 

Wont you rather go for the deal that helps you buy your doors at the current price now, by paying in installmnet and come for your security doors when  you need it?

metal and wood Security door

Our Doors Deal For You

We know times are hard due to inflation and high-cost of products and services. For this, we have created a laybuy or buying method we call “pay small small” to make is easy for anyone to be able to buy modern security doors for their housing projects. Whether you live in Ghana or overseas you can benefit from this unique and amazing deal to buy  all your security doors to complete your dream house or change the old ones.

How Does It Work?

Register With Us

Come to our office to register or register using our laybuy order form website

Make Deposit

After completing your registration you make your first and most important deposit toward your chosen door or doors. Please note that your doors won’t be reserved until you make your first deposit.

Pickup Your Doors

Come to our shop and pick up your reserved doors on the day you make your last payment.

Want to buy your security doors and pay small small ?

Security Door Installation Professionals in Accra, Ghana

Did you know having an improperly installed door can raise heating and cooling costs? The truth is poor door installation can cause the doors not to be sealed correctly, which can cause air infiltration.

Installing internal and external doors in Accra, Ghana

We have installed more than 4000 security doors since 2013 and our team of expert window and door installers has earned a stellar reputation for superior workmanship.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a quality replacement of doors or a contractor managing a commercial project, we are ready to work for you.. Our promise to you is that you will absolutely LOVE your Experience with us.

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